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Vietnamese Pho. One of my favorite foods, I intend to learn how to cook it soon, though I'll need to find a good recipe. I like my Pho best with chicken, lots of fresh lime, cilantro, basil, and hot peppers, plus lots of siracha sauce, noodles and some nice veggies.

Italian Cucumber Salad

Zesty Italian Cucumber Salad:// Ingredients 3 cucumbers, spiralized into noodles 1 chopped tomato ¼ fined diced onion ¼ cup of green olives ¼ cup chopped nitrate free pepperoni ⅛ cup Parmesan cheese 1 tbsp. oregano ¼ tsp black pepper Italian dressing* (you want enough to coat and marinade the salad) Instructions 1.Add ingredients and toss in a bowl 2.Let stand in the refrigerator for an hour before serving

Pancake Mini-Muffins

Pancake Mini-Muffins! Instead of cooking pancakes on a griddle, bake 'em and dunk 'em!

Orange Brown Butter Shrimp

Orange Brown Butter Shrimp - a 15 minute, 6 ingredient meal that's nice enough for company! |

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100 days if real food. I personally heard of this blog from my midwife. it is what is says. 100 days of real food, no eating out, no processed foods, 100 different possibilities and the recipes are sooooo simple!

Light BBQ Chicken Pizza

Brazilian Shrimp Fritters (Acarajé) - Acarajé originates in the region of Bahia. It´s a mixture of Brazilian and African cooking and flavor. It´s a delicious fast food that can be found on street vendors all over Brazil. They are a slightly complicated to