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Our crunchy garlic chicken is beautifully crispy, tender and delicious; the same technique can be used with pork, cod and more for a warm golden finish.

At Christmas, I think it's important to have some clever cheats up your sleeve. Puddings you can make ahead of time then leave in the freezer until needed are great. If you try and do everything on the day, you'll be dead on your feet come January and it won't have felt like much of a holiday at all. I see this dessert as a sort of cross between a summer pudding and an arctic roll, so it hits a lot of those retro buttons. Because it's an assembly job, anybody at all can make this – so if ...

I love sprouts, I think they are delicious. So when I saw these little beauties on folksy, I thought I must have one immediately. Unfort...

Cherry Tiramisu This must be our favorite summer dessert (aside from all the ice cream) We love everything about it, the combination of × mascarpone cheese × dark chocolate × cherries × kirsch × coffee, we love how light and summerish it is, we love the texture and colors. Simple and incredibly delicious. | jernejkitchen.com

Chocolate-and-orange-custard-tart-with-caramel - When I made it without the caramel I multiplied by 3 the amount of sugar in the custard. And I think it needs to bake at a higher temp, the middle didn't set at all in the 30 minutes. I think maybe 40 minutes at 360 instead of 320. And this is a lot of tart, so I only used 2/3 of everything to make a smaller tart.

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