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What a great offer this is, very useful and a nice way to serve your wine when you are entertaining a small group.

Recently drinking jars have become very popular both for beer, ice teas, cider, smoothies, shakes, and the like, this style is both versatile, and modern.

What a great glass to serve your guests the best coffee at home or in your restaurant/cafe :-

Available in a range of different colours, this and the sky blue would have to be my favourite :-

BRAND NEW range, very exciting some really nice glasses at a very cost effective pricing :-

Stunning ! Elegant ! Funky shape stem that is sure to impress your clients/guests.

Organics Salsa Dish as seen on MasterChef Australia by Santo Alessi $7.95ea available at Hospitality Products :-

Organics by Santo Alessi :-

If you are looking for a unique shape/style of cutlery this may be just what you are looking for. To view go to :-

I love so many pieces in the FORTESSA range :-