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Supernatural Fandom on Twitter: "Thanks for following. You guys are awesome!! #Supernatural #AlwaysKeepFighting"

I will need nothing else in life if I can have this

Btw, this involves Sam being chill with destiel, rather than a threesome... defiantly don't want that!! #destiel

Ohmygosh they are just the cutest freaking family ever!!! I died when I saw this, I kid you not.

I not only love the show supernatural but I also admire, love and respect the amazing cast too for helping me accept who I am and getting me through the difficult times!

no matter what it is your going through, just remember, you are love by alot of people! and a few of them are Jared and Jensen and Misha and all of our boys! they love YOU!!! and remember, #AlwaysKeepFighting because you are loved!!!