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Did you know? May is National Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Month. All month long, we’ll be posting facts, contests, busting myths, and raising awareness on this deadly form of skin cancer. #yourskinisin #sunsafety #MFNE #elizabethgrady

6 Myths About Smartphone Battery Now Busted

A lot of ‘good practices’ for longer battery life are absolute myths. In fact, you probably actually believe one of these battery myths, but now it’s time to take you on a myth-busting spree.

Infographic: 3D Printing, One Step Closer to a Star Trek Future?

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Go Mobile with m-learning!

Go Mobile with m-learning! >>M-learning is nothing but learning, sharing content, exchanging feedbacks, tips, etc almost instantly at this tiny device that is available with almost every individual in today’s world.#mobilelearning, #tridatindia, #gamebasedlearning, #mobileappsdesign

Myth: Poultry farming does not involve advanced technology. Fact: Technology allows chicken farmers to control their birds' habitat and take the best possible care of their flock. For example, most chicken farmers receive alarms on their phones or other mobile devices when their chickens are too hot, too cold, or in need of more food or water. To learn more, please visit

#Mythbusting part 3: don't get spooked by all these haunting myths! Get the facts.

#Mythbusting Donations made by mobile phone don't provide meaningful data. Get the facts. #mobilemyths

mythbusting part 2: The principles of fundraising and text donations. Get the facts.