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"Phil, your house is so cool in so many little ways!" "Thanks.... it's because I used Pinterest for so many years." :)

There is nothing in this world that makes me feel the way I do when you kiss me. | #kissme #romantic

Izzie Stevens: You have to do this for me or I'll never be able to forgive you. Denny: For dying? Izzie: NO! For making me love you! Grey's Anatomy quotes

'I have found that holy place of rest Still changeless.' MRS. HEMANS. When Mr. Thornton had left the house that morning he was almost blinded by his baffled passion. He was as dizzy as if Margaret, instead of looking, and speaking, and moving like a tender graceful woman, had been a sturdy fish-wife, and given him a sound blow with her fists. He had positive bodily pain, - a violent headache, and a throbbing intermittent.. - Chapter XXVI, Mother and Son, North and South #elizabethgaskell…