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How Do I Grind Chia Seeds? Are They Really Good for Your Health?

chia seeds in bowl with wooden spoon

Peach and apple smoothie

Peach and apple smoothie recipe - great quick breakfast smoothie made with peaches, apple, pineapple with a boost of chia seeds and sunflower seeds.

Best Supplement - Enhance performance!

THE BEST SUPPLEMENT TO ENHANCE PERFORMANCE! NEED SOME MACA & MATCHA! 9 SUPERFOODS AND their HEALTH BENEFITS: Add this to your Smoothie #BiteSizeWellness #superfoods #healthbenefits

This is my favourite breakfast at the moment. It’s honestly one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten and I can’t stop craving it this week – on Tuesday I ended up eating it for my breakfast, afternoon snack and as part of my dinner and I still woke up on Wednesday wanting more, …

No Bake Chia Energy Bites

Super easy to make and super healthy, these little bites of goodness are gluten free and low in sugar, giving you a sustained energy boost and protein hit in one!

Top 10 SuperFoods for Exceptional Health

Top 10 Super Foods: coconut oil, Goji Berries, acai, kelp, maca root, bee pollen, chia seeds, spirulina, manuka honey, cacao | @andwhatelse

Omega-3 Rich Food. Mackerel, Salmon fish oil, Cod liver oil, Walnuts, Chia seeds, herring, salmon, flax seeds, Tuna, white fish, sardines, hemp seeds, anchovies, natto, egg yolks. Best supplements from Zenith Nutrition. Health Supplements. Nutritional Supplements. Health Infographics