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How to Shoot Better Portraits for Social Media

tips for better portraits

Five Tips on How to Take Better Portraits in Natural Light

6 Ways of Using Reflector to Take Better Portraits

Using a reflector is a simple way of helping you take better portraits, and learn to control light to your advantage. Here are 6 tips to help you.

Thoughts On A Couple of Portraits

Photographer Debabrata Ray created very telling and simplistic portraits of tattoo artists.

10 Tips for Better Portrait Photography

10 Tips Every Portrait Photographer Should Know. Portrait photography can be incredibly compelling, and you'll find that the best photographers relish the opportunity to shoot portrait photography. Schedule

angle portrait photography matters perspective distortion low high

What camera should I buy? Use our step-by-step guide

How to focus a portrait: get pin-sharp eyes in 3 easy steps

Headshot tips: how to take (and retouch) a professional portrait

Discover how to take a professional portrait with these expert headshot tips. Learn how to set up your camera to shoot head-and-shoulders portraits you can use for business or pleasure.