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America’s Power Grid

The biggest machine on Earth delivers $400 billion of electricity a year across 7 million miles of transmission and distribution lines. It’s the U.S. power grid, an interconnected system of generating plants, wires, transformers and substations that keeps the lights on for the homes, offices and factories of the world’s largest economy. It’s also an aging dinosaur that sorely needs an upgrade to its $840 billion in infrastructure. Improvements would make the grid more reliable, resilient and…

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This hitherto unpublisht photograph is extremely interesting as it shows not only “Tesla's Electric Egg” apparatus in the center of the background, but also a comprehensive view of a corner of his famous Houston Street laboratory of a decade ago. At the left may be seen a number of Tesla's oscillators or high frequency generators, while in the rear may be noted a large high frequency transformer of the spiral type, the diameter of which was a little over nine feet.