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Россия.А.Клюквин.Портрет женщины в торопецком жемчужном кокошнике и платке.Начало 19 века.

Russian Court dress in painting. Vigilius Erixen. Portrait of Empress Catherine II in shugay (national warm sleeveless jacket) and kokoshnik (traditional headdress). 1772.

украшенные жемчугом кокошники, как и шляпы жительниц города Великие Луки (Псковская область)

Russian costume in painting. Nikolay A. Bogatov. From the series "Russian Clothes and Headdresses of the 17th Century". Late 19 - early 20 centuries. #art #painting #Russian #costume

Russian costume in painting. "Girl in Kokoshnik Headdress" by Natalia Besednova, a contemporary Russian artist. Date: 2004. #art

Like this image a lot an think it might be suitable for Slavic. I'd like to see headresses both simple like this and madder ones I'll put up later, from a russian website with tons of images.