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Africa | A Kuba hunter, ca. 1950, holds a spear and wears his hunting regalia, including armbands and a fur headdress. Kasai province, Belgian Congo (today DR Congo) | © Otto Lang

Luba people. Luba Orchestra. The Luba people occupied the region that extends from South East of Luluabourg (now Kananga) to the Saukuru river at Tshibata village, Bakwanga territory, kabinda district, Kasai province. The two xylophones madimba matshetshe and madimba, accompanied by a ditumba drum 9goblet shaped). madimba plural of didimba meaning key , Madimba makata , C. Lamote , International Library of African Music , Democratic Republic of Congo , ILM00407_18 , Performance , Black and…

Helmet mask Artist Unknown (Luba) (Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa), 19th century Wood, pigments