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Azaguard Insecticide/Repellent- This organic insecticide and insect repellent controls over 300 insect species. It inhibits growth, feeding and reproduction of aphids, thrips, beetles, stink bugs and many more pests. It can be used on all crops including fruits, vegetables and herbs, leaving no residue, and is chlorine and ammonia free. Mixes to make three 32 oz. applications. The only organic treatment for onion maggots.

Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash

Herbs that Repel Insects I get asked alot is there any herbs that repel insects surprisingly there is a lot of herbs that Repel insects that otherwise would do harm to us or our pets so here is a small list of herbs and uses how to repel and what they repel

Tomato & Veggie 3 In 1- Three in one insect and disease control for gardens. Protects vegetables and vine crops. Excellent for berries and flowers, too. The powerful, safe, organic formula controls a multitude of insects and plant diseases. Use it to kill aphids, mites, spittlebugs, scale, caterpillars, whitefly, thrips and more plus use it to prevent and control fungal diseases such as scab, rust, powdery mildew, leaf spots, blight, brown rot, etc. For outdoor, indoor and greenhouse use.

Organocide Insecticide Concentrate- Contains no harmful chemicals, just a patented blend of sesame and fish oils, so you can safely enter your yard and garden immediately after application. Effectively controls a wide variety of insects including spider mites, mealy bugs, white-flies, aphids, leaf-rollers and thrips. Also effective on fungal diseases including powdery mildew and black spot. Safe to use on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, flowers and more. OMRI Approved for organic…

Thuricide- Organic gardeners like this natural microbial insecticide. Thuricide's natural bacterial action is non-toxic to birds, bees, pets or humans. When leaf-chewing worms eat the treated leaves it paralyzes their digestive system and they starve to death. May be used on garden vegetables and tomatoes right up to harvest time. Controls gypsy moths, inchworms, canker-worms, tent caterpillars, cabbage looper, tomato hornworms, etc. Active ingredient is bacillus thuringiensis.

Colorado Potato Beetle Beater- One of the best and safest biological controls for the tough Colorado potato beetle. This product works at the small larval stage of the beetle. Apply when larvae are first observed or about 1/4 inch long. Concentrate mixes readily with water and is very effective in controling this pest on potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant. Also controls many other insect pests that affect fruits, fruit trees, nut trees and other vegetables. Odorless and leaves no oily residue.

Extensive List of Organic Pest Control Remedies

Extensive List of Organic Pest Control Remedies Very informative, brilliant ideas that I will definitely use!