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Learn How To Shoot In Manual Mode - ISO, Aperture & Shutter Speed Explained

Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture ... To be comfortable shooting manual you will need to know what your necessary adjustments are. Though these settings are all numeric, there isnt some insane math equation that you need to do to find out what to dial them i

A Picture To Show You Clearly The Effects of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO On Images

I chose this pin because this pin shows me the different types of exposure. I really like this pin because it tells the name of the different types exposure ,and what I'm looking for when I'm using that type of exposure.

Sonia Rentsch’s Still Life Art

I like this image due to the colour co-ordination between the background and the foreground of the image, helping to create a quirky feel. I also like this image due to it's obvious meaning and how it makes us think about how everybody has a heart yet it's sometimes hidden underneath by people. The placement of the strawberry within the apple's core helps to create a lovely, affective image.