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11 Things I Wish I’d Known About Work in My 20s

Negotiate the Salary You Want with the Briefcase Technique

Starting a freelance business | Here's a technique I've used to earn thousands of dollars in salary and freelance negotiations. Become a Freelancer and earn more money.

When Negotiating, Look For Constructive "No"s On Your Way to a "Yes"

When you’re negotiating with someone, you’re probably trying to work your way towards a “Yes.” However, getting a “No” can be just as helpful if you’re asking the right questions.

Five Things You Should Negotiate at Work Besides Your Salary

6 Annoying Things Women Are Told About Their Salary Negotiation Skills

#Ask4More | Salary Negotiation. Study found that women are not good at negotiating for themselves but are as good as men at negotiating for others

9 Failproof Salary Negotiation Tricks from Kate White