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Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington, we've made this recipe several times and it's delicious! THIS WAS THE RECIPE I MEANT TO PIN FOR THE BEEF WELLINGTON! The other I pinned just for myself as a party idea. Please forgive me everyone.

"Hey, spaceman." Bee said as she walked in. James winked at her, something that made her smile no matter how bad she felt. "Is that nice?" She asked, referring to the plate of food he had in his hand. He looked down at it & nodded. He knew she had a major problem with eating, but he wouldn't lie to her if something tasted vulgar. It really did taste good & he encouraged her to try some.

We're in the middle of this family trip around the world for 60 days and I've been eating so much good food that I'm gaining weight like a sumo-wrestler (more on that in our upcoming video). So here in Aruba at the @ritzcarlton I'm going out on a run every day up and down the white beaches here. Since I don't carry my camera when I run (that would be WAY too geeky) I carry my new Pixel phone from Google. I've seen all kinds of interesting stuff... shipwrecks crazy outfits ruins and then out…

Hi guys! Today, I'm hopping this Easy DIY Cup Ramen Noodles to help your work or school lunch plan! I've been wanting to share this recipe for awhile and I'm finally sharing now! It's not healthy recipe, but it is definitely much more healthier than regular ramen from store or restaurant! If I take this Easy...Read More »

Hi guys! It's finally HERE!! Vegan Kimchi recipe!!! So many of you guys asked me... Seonkyoung, how to make kimchi without fish sauce? How to make kimchi vegan? How to make kimchi in small batch? So I decided to answer to your question by making small batch (using only 1 large napa cabbage) of kimchi,...Read More »

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