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Noam Chomsky (Or, we can realize how corrupt everything has become & how divided both parties have become to ENSURE absolutely nothing changes, & in so doing, start uniting on common ground. When we wake up to the fact that united we win, we will do just that & change things. End status quo, unite under common ground issues & fight the oligarchy. #UniteBehindBernie #PoliticalRevolution #EndOligarchy #BeTheChange)

Wintertime running is an evil necessity for anyone who doesn't want to lose their hard-earned progress from the warmer months. It also falls right around New Year's, when runners and non-runners alike are setting new fitness goals, many of which involve getting outside and moving. But as the temperatures plummet, the cold air can be unforgiving to a runner's body.

"The road is a river of ice, slick and unforgiving. A harsh sweep of white iron, smooth as glass and cold enough to freeze any uncovered inch of flesh to the surface. Hillocks and haystacks rise up, isles in a smoking brume. Here and there snow has blown aside, revealing the line of the great white stone road that slices through the hills." -- from the novel SINFUL FOLK

"Snow can be deadly. It's cold, it's solid, it's unforgiving. It takes life with one touch if its grasp is strong on your heart. It's a monster. The same goes for your friend, if you aren't careful."

Emperor penguins are monogamous for life and only lay one egg at a time. The chicks from different pairs huddle up together in a chrèche to protect themselves from the unforgiving cold. http://ift.tt/1n3T58K

quote; Please don't expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand.

Tired of Earth? Come visit the dark, cold, unforgiving, and life devoid vacuum that is SPACE.

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