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The task: to design the most violent digital teaser experience. The deliverables: 1 digital album cover + 1 digital web platform as a music clip. The Background: BlackHandPath (the client) will fight anyone for $20. Main concept: "Obfuscant",...

Rhythm/ Repetition: rhythm is the result of repetition; three rhythmic devices include: the duplication of the same form two forms used alternately; and the sequential change of a form (large to small, for example.)

Dutch Wonderland I Art Print by Fawn Gehweiler

13503105_1181516031893818_2294523053201572759_o.jpg 1,080×1,080 pixels

F**k the globalisation! (from G+ somewhere...) Take a look to other related gif animations: Hands in hands Bring Me Fire! Anthead Skull From Smoke Hunger Games Where The Nuts Are? David Bowie Transformations animation gif Join our community here!