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Je vriendin verrassen, zo doe je dat!

I NEVER NOTICED!!! I swear by the moon and the stars and the sky that I will have no feels left by January 19th...


I wish I could share this with the one person I know who needs it the most. Powerful and the truth!

Try and find time this weekend to go through your food cupboard(s) and fridge/freezer and make a list of everything you have in stock. Do you really need to go shopping for food this week? Or can you get away with just buying a handful of fresh ingredients and maybe some bread and milk? (Do you buy the same things every week out of habit? I think most of us do that if were honest.) Can you plan your meals for the rest of this month based around the foods you already have? Did you know there…

You're not mine...but I wish you were Baby please whose am I if not yours .I`m sorry I was a mess for an hour or two .Especially that I was so strong for the last time recently.