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Bloodstone focuses on the mutable bodies within the blood to strengthen the immune system and create an unsuitable environment for illnesses

Purple Ray, a combination of Amethyst, Biwa Pearl, and gold, helps move you forward on your spiritual journey by eliminating negative habits or attitudes standing in your way

Disconnected? Lavender helps connect the wearer to spirit and aligns the chakras. This gemstone is helpful for anxiety, increasing awareness, and back pain

Libra combines Rhodochrosite and Quartz to inspire balanced change in your life, allowing you to release unhealthy habits and routines

Blue Lace Agate encourages inner and outer strength. It nourishes your confidence and vision for the future while calming the nervous system

Carnelian restores excitement and enthusiasm for life, and can improve mental clarity. It's inherent orange glow is incredibly revitalizing!

Rubelle, a combination of Pink Tourmaline, Biwa Pearl, and gold, empowers the feminine nature in the wearer and encourages a woman to become her strongest self

Indigo enhances the intuition by absorbing thoughts and obstructions that cloud your connection to your inner voice

Lapis Lazuli is 20% off through 4/29! This mental mastery gemstone helps to calm the war of head versus heart by harmonizing the two.