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Vampire Zone - Vampires Can Be a Pain in the Neck (digital / printable sign available at

Vampire Zone - Check Out These Fangtastic Books (digital / printable sign available at

Vampire Books -- Love at First Bite! (digital / printable sign available at

By Pamela McKirdy This clever idea is from Pamela McKirdy, Library Assistant at Wellington East Girls' College. She changed a photo to grayscale then upped the contrast so it turned black and white. Then she copied it on to different coloured paper. It's a very dramatic effect and could be used with any photo.

eBook display. We needed a bit of colour and movement to draw attention to the display. In the background we have butterflies made from pages of a book and these move around with the air conditioning. Our eBook collection are displayed in DVD cases. They have the book image on the front and a blurb on the back. We also have a QR Code to take students directly to the overdrive link.

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