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✠ Horst Hannig (November 13th, 1921 - May 15th, 1943) He was shot down by Squadron Leader J. Charles leading Yellow Section of No. 611 Squadron, RK 09.05.1942 Leutnant Flugzeugführer i. d. 5./JG 54 03.01.1944 [364. EL] Leutnant Staffelführer 2./JG 2

Fighter squadron of spitfires in formation Description: Photograph from the log book of RAF Squadron Leader B.J.E. Lane. Date: 1940-2

soviet farmers inpect a downed german plane. messerschitt me bf 109 e-7 yellow 3 of 11/jg 77 first aircraft shot down near tirapol region, southern front june 1941.

Oberfeldwebel Heinrich Bartels killed in action 23 December 1944 near Bad Godesberg he was credited with 99 victories On 23 December 1944, Bartels took off for his last and fatal mission. Most likely he was shot down by P-47 Thunderbolt fighters of the USAAF 56th Fighter Group. Some 24 years later, on 26 January 1968, Bartels' remains & Bf 109 G-10 "Yellow 13" was found in Villip near Bad Godesberg. In its cockpit was Bartels' intact parachute, which is currently on display at the Berlin

Eastern Front, August 1941: A Soviet POW poses wearing his Star of David. Orders to all German troops stressed that Jewish POWs were to be separated from the rest and held until further instructions. In the opening phases of the invasion, there was still no clear-cut plan. Later, Jewish POWs met mostly the fate of all other Jewish deportees.

✠ Werner Machold (29 July 1913 – 2 April 1968) Shot down by fire from a destroyer that he was attacking near Portland, his plane was forced to land and he was taken prisoner by British troops. RK 05.09.1940 Oberfeldwebel Flugzeugführer i. d. I./JG 2 | Le "Oberleutnant" Egon Mayer (19 août 1917 - 2 mars 1944) | - Ritterkreuz (1 août 1941) : "Leutnant" und pilot der III./JG 2 "Richthofen" - Eichenlaub #232 (16 avril 1943) : "Hauptmann" und Gruppenkommandeur der III./JG 2 "Richthofen" - Schwerter #51 (à titre posthume, 2 mars 1944) : "Oberstleutnant" und Geschwaderkommodore der JG 2 "Richthofen"