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@everyone loves Evie. The blue merle bordercollie collie in The Lake District

As a general rule, therefore, people who are carrying the consciousness of apathy bring poverty circumstances into their lives, and those with a prosperity consciousness bring abundance into their lives. -David R. Hawkins Order an oil painting of your pet now at

The Shetland Sheepdog is related to the Rough Collie, both descended from Border Collies that inhabited Scotland. The Border Collies were brought to the Scottish island of Shetland & crossed with the Icelandic Yakkin, a small dog. By 1700, the Sheltie was completely developed. The dogs were used to herd & guard the sheep flocks of the Shetlands. Extremely smart, it excels at obedience competition. Some of the Sheltie’s talents include:herding, watchdog, agility, competitive obedience

Border Collie and a Camera :) No, No, No....puppies are not allowed to do this! You are not being a responsible puppy!