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"The grass is greener on the other side" The project was conceived and created in Tsarino, a small deserted village in the Bulgarian’s mountains which was left behind thirty years ago. Many of the houses in the village are derelict, carrying traces of its previous inhabitants and their withdrawal. We had the chance to live and work there for a period of three weeks.

Adrift - High above a typical English landscape, a magical rose traces the course of a winding river, carrying a beautiful Angel of Peace within the folds of its pure white petals. As she looks down upon the tranquil scene below she hopes that one day soon she will observe the same peacefulness across the world. ~Josephine Wall

A DECORATED LEATHER AND BRASS MOUNTED TRUNK LATE 19TH CENTURY With paper-lined camphor interior, side carrying handles and mounted on castors, re-decorated 18 in. (46 cm.) high; 34½ in. (88 cm.) wide; 18 in (46 cm.) deep 1975gbp

Egypt, Thebes, Mid-18th Dynasty, reign of Amenhotep III, circa 1391 - 1353 BCE Limestone with traces of pigment, 26 3/4 x 17 1/4 in. (67.95 x 43.82 cm) Purchased with funds provided by Phil Berg, LACMA AC1999.2.1 (From the info card) "Iuf-er-bak, a noble from the Egyptian capital city of Thebes, stands at the right accompanied by his wife and two sons. The men carry floral funerary offerings, while in the register below, seven relatives are seated at a funerary banquet. Iuf-er-back is ident

Mayan young woman carrying an old man, 600–800 AD, Late Classic. Ceramic with traces of yellow, cream and maroon pigment. From the Maya area, Petén, Guatemala | Princeton University Art Museum

Melanesians may carry the DNA of an unknown human species

Genetic analysis of people living in modern Melanesia suggests they carry traces of unknown prehistoric relative of humans. Pictured are people from Papua New Guinea at a cultural Hagen show

An Ojibwa beaded cradleboard • Made of a wood backboard with double-curved projection at top, attaching a cloth pouch laced up the front and decorated with a floral design, a "spider web" talisman hanging at top. length 28 1/2in Provenance: B W Thayer Collection; an attached note from Thayer describes the construction of the cradle, how it was used, and where it was collected: "...Bot (sic) in 1932 from Mrs. George Norcross formerly Miss Josephine Lightning, born 1890 of Ponsford on White…

The slow narcissitic and emotional abuse the children have been through has been damaging! Those types of bruises can be hidden but the moment you caused physical harm and bruising in is no longer a secret the abuse and damage you can cause.