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A Stress-Free Christmas: Things to Do in Summer

I know...nobody really wants to think about Christmas during the summer, but if you spend just a little bit of time planning ahead now, you will enjoy the holidays that much more when December rolls around. Click to read my suggestions on how to prepare for a stress-free Christmas during the summer months.

Brisket Tacos with Summer Salsa - Slow-Cooker Suppers

Brisket Tacos with Summer Salsa - Slow-Cooker Suppers - Southernliving. Recipe: Brisket Tacos with Summer Salsa Brisket can be a challenging meat to cook, and it takes time and attention to make this meat its magnificent best. Slow cooking a brisket helps to brings all its savory flavors to the fore making the meat tender and delicious. Seasoned with adobo sauce, garlic, cumin, honey, and Worcestershire sauce, these unique tastes will each combine and give the brisket a characteristic taste…