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(Blog Post) by Darcy Moore about trying to trace his family ancestry and discover things along the way. Sometimes questions are unanswered and all you can do is keep digging. 11807701_10206834646165361_4111480170759275725_o

“Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.” / A Mighty Girl | A Mighty Girl

BBC The Secret Life of Chaos: inorganic self organization of patterns, Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction, etc. (preview clip, the entire documentary is extraordinary!)

"NO WAY you will make Australia home." Operation Sovereign Borders from the Aust Govt- relating to asylum seekers, Go back to where you came from

ONCE MY MOTHER - Sophia documents the harrowing story of her mother's life in Poland and brings to light history which has been ignored. A fascinating insight into a period of history (World War 2), it is a story of 'Discovery'.

If you're as stressed as I am, push play and watch Miwa Matreyek perform an amazeballs interactive/meditative piece for her TED Talk that may just be the most relaxing, mesmerizing ten minutes you’ll spend today. Unless you're some sort of monk. In which case, your beer's delicious

The Light and the Little Girl, an enchanting short film: "In some ways The Light and the Little Girl can be seen as a film about the loss of innocence. The little girl is hopeful, curious, and determined to capture the light, but in the end, realizes, as the filmmaker states, “there are things she loves that she cannot posses”. "