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The Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a year around destination, but why exactly is the best time to visit? When to avoid and what festival is on? It's all in here:

A 48 hours guide to Macau, China

Macau is the Las Vegas of Asia. A former Portugal colony, there are history, and sights to see aside from casino. Here's my 48 hours guide.

11 Camping Essentials You'll Actually Use

So, we initially put this feminine urinating device (also known as a FUD — seriously) on here for some laughs. But, after some thought, we're kind of all about it. It acts as a sort of makeshift funnel, so you can pee standing up and don't have to worry about accidentally squatting in some poison ivy. Yikes.Go Girl Female Urinating Device, $10.95, available at EMS.

Fair Verona – top picks and Verona card

Verona is a romantic city even without the story of Romeo and Juliet. What is there to see, and is Verona Card worth it? Find out here.

Experiencing China Like A Local!

Experiencing China Like A Local Even after years of living, working and traveling both inside and outside of China, the truth is that many tourists or business travelers don’t get to connect with China on a local level. Most people think of China and think of the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, or maybe just pandas. Of course China has pandas, but it also has so much more! China’s culture is rich and complex, full of history, legends, and traditions.