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john lewis has a range of sub-£30 wallpapers, including their own brand products.

A prominent car rental company Bharat Taxi offering great packages and services in India We are providing range of services to ease the travelling experience with cost effective and budget friendly tour packages. We offer local car hire and taxi services to meet the requirements of the customers.

Removing wallpaper for dummies. Oh boy this looks ball-aching! Hope I don't have to do too much of this in my new house...

14 Kitchen Updates That Cost Less Than $200

Rouzita Vahhabaghai, Ita Design: The backsplash is where you can add a lot of style for a little cash. Chalkboard and whiteboard paints come in an array of colors and will create a noteworthy background in any kitchen. Wallpaper is available in an assortment of patterns and finishes like vinyl for easy cleaning. Laminates include a brushed stainless steel finish to mimic the look of metal without the cost. Porcelain tiles can be cost-effective and come in a range of patterns and textures.

Did Your Favorite Lake Make Our List?

At Slovenia's Lake Bled, you'll see mountains in every direction, including the Julian Alps and the Karavanke range. (From: Photos: 12 Most Beautiful Lakes )

This specially designed Malaysia Tour package of 7N/8D will take you to one of the most famous tourist destination of Malaysia; Peanang Cruise, Kuala Lumpur as also a visit to Genting. The package includes various day tours and gives you enough leisure time for shopping.

#Bayaweaver presents its new extend in the lavishing city, Lucknow. The city is known for its style, society and conventions. In this manner, through Bayaweaver HOME Lucknow the organization has included the tings of Nawabi style and society that will shock you.

Why episodic gaming and virtual reality are a match made in heaven Read more Technology News Here --> Im not a fan of episodic games. Even when the total price of a seven-or-so chapter game adds up to the same amount as if Id bought it outright I cant help but feel conned. Almost a tenner for an hour long slice of game? Get out of here! There have of course been great episodic games none more obvious than the superb success that Telltale has had with its…