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TV Review: BILLIONS: Season 2, Episode 1: Risk Management [Showtime

Billions Risk Management Review Showtime‘s Billions: Season 2, Episode 1: Risk Management furthered the antagonism between the TV series’…

Homeland TV Series -- + ...

That moment when Clara Oswald, the most caring companion, went from concerned to pure unhindered fury. Demons run when Clara is angry because you hurt her Doctor.

Doctor Who Season 9 -- heaven sent - trying to break through the wall of diamond-like stone,( Azbantium) to leave his confession dial (the castle he is trapped in). Every time, he gets around three punches before the veil kills him. And each time the Doctor makes it to the teleport room and takes his own energy to rework it, sending him right to the beginning again, in the teleport. He repeats this for billions of years, breaking more and more of the Azbantium wall each time.

#Billions Season 2 Teaser #Trailer (TV-Series) - Premieres on Feb 19, 2017 #DamianLewis #PaulGiamatti #tvseries

Showtime has announced that the second season of Billions premieres in February. Get the debut date and season two details at TV Series Finale. What did you think of Billions season on?