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Top 10 STRANGEST Holes on Planet Earth From fiery holes that seemed like the gates of hell are opening to grouping sinkhole that swallowed enormous amounts of water too mysterious holes with the alleged sacred biblical artifacts the bottom. these are the top 10 strangers holes on planet Earth 10-the Darvaze Gas crater in Turkmenistan is the burning stinking so furious crater known as the gate to hell in 1971 Soviet engineers were drilling the area known to hold one of the largest…

Faster Pussycat - Self Titled - Rock Candy Edition - CD

Brand new and factory sealed. Track Listing: 1. Don't Change That Song 2. Bathroom Wall 3. No Room for Emotion 4. Cathouse 5. Babylon 6. Smash Alley 7. Shooting You Down 8. City Has No Heart 9. Ship R