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Natural Gas Pumpjack Natural gas well are scattered all over the central part of the state. This pump jack pulls natural gas out of the ground and into a grid. Gas companies buy the property owners gas rights and sell the natural gas. Energy costs have caused much interest in our natural gas. Property owners should seek professional advise before selling their gas rights. They should also demand free lifetime gas rights for themselves and their heirs.

Captación de aguas pluviales La recuperación de agua pluvial consiste en filtrar el agua de lluvia captada en una superficie determinada, generalmente el tejado o azotea, y almacenarla en un depósito.Después el agua tratada...

10725464 doodle dibujo concepto de la energia solar la energia solar renovable con celulas fotovoltaicas en 300x212 5 Consejos para aprovechar la energía solar en el hogar

Maquina de vapor, Central Machete, Guayama, P.R.

Alemania quiere almacenar el viento en forma de hidrógeno para generar electricidad a demanda

A Japanese company, Kyosemi, is redesigning the future of photovoltaics by shunning the traditional flat substrate photovoltaic cell and opting…

Introducing The Daymak Photon Scooter - Another Green Transportation Option Emerges #DaymakPhotonScooter, #Green, #Scroooser, #UrbE https://asksender.com/introducing-daymak-photon-scooter-another-green-transportation-option-emerges/

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