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Running Scared (1986)

Running Scared (1986)One of my all time fav movies. Best one liners ever!

Running in the Winter: Advice from a Boston Marathon Winner

Marathons take place during every season of the year. Therefore, training must be around the clock as well. This article gives tips on how to dress and what weather factors to take into account for all the seasons.

Let’s All Hope They Don’t Team Up

Really you can't do much when your a fan of the show without thinking you will be killed

Help Me. - //an

This is so powerful because she looks so horrified of what she's done to herself and I constantly feel the same way.

I have always wondered what is safe... sometimes my heart rate goes high and I get scared while working out.

Vaulting horse! One of my PE reports read.. Rachel tries hard... Gymnastics classes... Rachel runs through it rather than over it! Lol. Useful skill- NOT!