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Geek Answers How many alien human artifacts are on themoon - Mankind has been leaving artifacts on the moon for over 50 years, leaving a technological graveyard for future space historians to explore.

Nikes Back to the Future selflacing shoes to hitmarket in 2015 - Its almost the future. How can you tell? Its not the internet-connected supercomputer in your pocket or vastly extended life expectancy, its the shoes. Nike

Halloween Horror Streams Resident Evil 2s righteous Raccoon City - Resident Evil's amazing remake is coming back in HD next year. The Evil Within made us remember Resident Evil 4's raw magic. Next year's brand new Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Beer Marinade Cuts Grilling Carcinogens - Carcinogens that form when grilling meat were down up to 50 percent in pork chops marinated in beer versus those left unmarinated. Christopher Intagliata reports � -- Read more on

Nike Designer Confirms Back to the Future II Power Laces Will Arrive in 2015 - Back in 2011, Nike got the movie nerds and sneakerheads of the world all in a tizzy when they announced the limited release of the Nike MAG (see above), which was a replica of the

âHalfLife 2â² City 17Recreated by Fan in Unreal Engine 3 - One fan has tried to the answer the question: what would 'Half-Life 2' look like if it was built using Unreal Engine 3?Click to continue reading Half-Life 2 City 17