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American Sign Language WORD ORDER. Several examples of the unique grammatical structure of words in this signed language which is not similar to English's. ASL's most basic sentence structure: Subject-Object-Verb ("STORE. ME GO THERE") using 3D space and order to differentiate between Subj & Obj. Unlike English: Subject-Verb-Object ("I go to the store").

18 (More) Things to Never Say to a Deaf Adult

18 (more) things to never say to a Deaf person #deaf #asl

Tech devices for the deaf. LOVE the hearing aid for gauged ears! The bracelet provides a tactile sensation for auditory events, such as the doorbell, baby monitor, fire alarm, etc. I'm not sure how well the screen would work. It converts signs to text. Just write, it's easier. And the glasses use speech-to-text software to print spoken communications on the inside of the lens. Fascinating stuff.