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Her: Are These Feelings Real -- -- http://wtch.it/gW5f3

Bruce Banner - I think my favorite quote is "I'm sorry. That was mean." That line alone made me fall in love with him.

Now Every time I see a clip or a commercial for the show I'm gonna think of this and laugh and everyone else in the room will be like: what is she on?

How CA:TWS should have ended - watch the real thing, it's so funny!! XD XD

One of the most unfunny films in the last 20 years. I wanted my 2 hours back after watching this crap. Maya Rudolph couldn't even save this.

But no, what if he uses those clips because they make him feel safe? What if he uses those because he's so used to being constricted?

Looking for a Mother-daughter chick flick, or just a girls night "in" movie. This one is fun, watching Pierce Bronson sing is a hoot. Watch video clips here.

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