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Hadisə 365 minlik konserti ləğv etməsindən danışdı – Xəzər Xəbər – Xəbərdə etimad

This site began by Zach, a graphic designer, creating various "I love you" messages to send his girlfriend, Tiffany, every day. He's up to 292 or so pictures he's sent to his lady.

365 Happiness Project 2014 – Quote 83

Words to Remember! I love this Quote. Be Stubborn about your Goals, and FLEXIBLE about your methods. #affirmations #resolutions #intentions

365 Happiness Project: Quote 118

Pinned on THIS board, so that I can find it easily when I need it - most probably after a day dealing with the head honcho at the Salt Mines. 365 Happiness Project: Quote 118

Fingernails can give you clues about what your body is lacking and what it needs more of, such as minerals.

365 Happiness Project 2016 – Quote 274

"The people who's first instinct is to smile when you make eye contact with them are earths great treasures." | 365 Happiness Project 2016 – Quote 274

How To Carve A Heart in Pebbles, stone, sea glass and beach pottery. Easy to follow tutorial with step by step images and descriptions. The equipment you'll need and tips along the way! Ace! It's so easy, you're going to love it!

365 Happiness Project 2014 – Quote 7

I have always felt that the most important factor of judgement is love. This is why we accept Jesus Christ as our final judge--His perfect love qualifies Him to that position. If you do not love someone, your judgment of that person is inherently flawed.