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Watch the video «♪ _I'll Play Minecraft_ Song"» uploaded by Dasari Parabhakar on Dailymotion.

Michael Kors Unisex M3645S Sunglasses, Brown (Dark Havana), One Size (Manufacturer Size:56 -17 -130)

Ezio Auditore - the female assassin

Female cosplay of Ezio (Assassin's Creed 2). Surprisingly and thankfully, it's not one of those sexy variations of his outfit. Assassins gotta stay properly and stylishly clothed!

-being an asshole -toxic masculinity -unwarranted dick pics -catcalling -bothering us while we are working -predatory/threatening behavior -obsession over ‘natural’ beauty -body hair comments -always being defensive when we talk about feminism -lack of acceptance for LGBTQ+ women -period jokes But please, continue to tell us why you hate high waisted shorts.

"And if not, I'll try to find something blacker," -getting ready with Dan (yesterday's video)

Apropos Of Nothing, Here Are 25 Ways To Tie A Scarf