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One of my friends has this T-shirt, and it is in my opinion one of the coolest T-shirts he owns. ^^^^^^^^^ pinned before me WAIT, this is a SHIRT?! MUST HAVE IT!!!

Darth Vader Redesign - by Patricio Clarey Fanart redesign of Star Wars for the Brainstorm challenge 17 More selected entries here

full-sized, fully-functional Hot Wheels Darth Car with light saber running boards and signature 'breathing' sound.

Batman-and-Ironman saving the world

Star Wars VS Old School Game Controller Set

Daft Empire - Imgur

San'sii the Kursk by Lucas Graciano ((Looks like he's wielding multiple weapons, like Suniren...who I ripped that off of through Darth Kreiya))

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Simon Delart