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Super Sweet Girly gradient using @johnrussobeauty @johnrussonails Mog, Ava and Oriole Lane. All 3 deliciously creamy and just plain Yum. Okay now for the Bad news........ I lost a corner on my middle nail so had to file a further smidge. So happy I'm a Duri Rejuvacote user though as they should all be back to their midi length with a few weeks. In the meantime I'll just learn to love these shorties.

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ENTER THE GIVEAWAY IN MY LAST POST!! Hi guys! So I have some bad news.. I broke my wrist last week which is why I haven't been posting. I haven't really tried to paint my nails because I have a cast on. I have a few nail art designs from before I broke my wrist so I'll post those and see what happens from there! Thank you Drip vinyls are from @twinkled_t #twinkledt and simply peel from @myblisskiss by nailfinity_

Design gráfico na veia! - 1. polish nails 2. dip nail in alcohol for 5 seconds 3. press newspaper onto nail for 5 seconds 4. gently peel off

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