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Explore Isis Op, 450Px 600Px and more!

Sturm shield of a trooper who died in anti-ISIS op in Derbent Russia 14-15.05.2016 [450px 600px] Story in 1st comment.

In Soviet Russia, inflight refuelling has a different meaning! [1920X1280]

A Turkish army Leo2 with new tan camo shoots at ISIS targets (SVBIEDS-Buildings) near Al-Bab as part of the Euphrates Shield operation [1200x800]

US Sailors Aboard The Bush Makes Sure All Presents For ISIS Are Accounted For (1024x681)

Mambi - Cuban indigineous anti-materiel rifle 14.5x114mm 5 round semi-automatic[606x655][OS]

Belgian DSU sniper team that killed Mohamed Belkaïd in Brussels on March 15 2016.[2.266x1.511]

Senior Chief Petty Officer Scott Cooper Dayton Navy EOD first U.S. KIA in the fight against ISIS in Syria on November 24 2016 [749x499]

Remains of an unknown British soldier that died in 1914 being buried today [639x960]

Troopers from the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Force Protection Company 004 in Afghanistan, Bagram Airfield [4256x2832]