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High School Student Allegedly Pretended to Be FBI Officer to Blackmail Sex Workers for Free Service | Complex

Live in harmony ....an easy project that offers protection for a variety of insects. Especially BEES!

Remember “The Shining”? Well, Steven King conceived the idea for that book during a stay at The Stanley Hotel. The freaky thing is, he didn’t know the place was haunted until after he started developing the idea. Maybe he got the idea because he heard the ghostly voices of kids running through the halls, or had an encounter with the alleged “ghost thief” that steals people’s jewelry (we think the thief is really just an employee wearing a white sheet and pretending to be a ghost). The hotel…

Flat-Out Matt by Jessica Park- If you fell in love with the book "Flat Out Love"...you must read this. It's from Matt's point of view. Story not entirely retold. Touches on things first book left out. Still fall into my all time favorites. Touching....

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