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Art Lesson - Doodle Landscape - Elements of Art Project

cut out a page of an old book and paint over all of it except a favorite line in it<33

Breathtaking CONSTRUCTION - Bamboo Treehouse In Bali, known as the Sharma Springs. a six-story structure created by architect Elora Hardy and made almost entirely of bamboo.

16 unlikely animal friendships

In 2006, a photographer in India snapped this photo of a mouse perched on the back of a frog as floodwaters rose. The annual summer monsoon rains arrived early that year, but this lucky little mouse managed to keep its head above water, thanks to a froggy friendship. Check out more unlikely animal friends!

Dust Storm, Rajasthan, India. (This setting was the inspiration for Arinn Dembo's short story "Monsoon". I haven't read it, but since I'm repinning from her, and she pins the coolest stuff, I figured I'd include that part of her caption.)

"Lilys first Day of School" by mermaidaughter ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Monsoon, Chicnova Fashion, Boohoo, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Champion, school, story, Lily and NewBegining

C4 director @renan ozturk photo // In the lingering monsoon, the clouds over the Hongu river valley lift for only a few hours each day, giving us a glimpse of where our story is set - a tiny village clinging to one the many converging ridge-lines with the 24K ft tall Chamlang standing sentry above. ~ @natgeo #TheLastHoneyHunter @jetbutterflies @sadiequarrier @irving matthew #NepaliLoveYou