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Thumb - OPI Alpine Snow Matte w/ SV on top, sorry, I completely forgot to take a pic of it :( I FAIL Pointer - Dr. REMEDY Heather Grey Middle - Pure Ice Kiss Me Here Ring - Franken of Kiss Me Here & Sinful Black on Black. Pinky - Sinful Black on Black

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We're always looking for amazingly fun and easy DIY manicures and always have our eyes on what is trending, but we also know that some nail art designs never go out of style. The Ruffian Manicure is one of them! All you need is 2 nail polish colors of your choice and top coat.

Nails, when badly trimmed also took a while to be corrected when along came the false ones. But today!? They are in the stratosphere with whole salons catering to just this one body part. Take a look!!

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