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Conversation Cards: Past Tense (When was the last time you...?)

Conversation Cards: Present Perfect Tense (Have you ever...?)

Great activity to give students more practice speaking in the present perfect tense. Great for Intermediate ESL students!

Conversation Cards: Health and Nutrition

Great ESL activity! My students didn't even want to stop speaking English with each other!

Conversation Cards: Entertainment

I love these in my ESL Classroom! The students are so engaged and don't even want to stop speaking English with each other.

Verb Tenses Clip Cards

Verb Tenses Clip Cards allow learners to practice/review verb tenses. On each card is a sentence and three answer choices. Learners decide if the verb tense is past, present or future and clip a clothespin to the correct corresponding answer choice. This set of 60 cards provides practice for past, present, and future. 60 Verb Tenses Clip Cards Plus, a recording sheet for students to record their answers along with an answer key for self-checking.

Conversation Cards: Transportation and Travel

Conversation Cards: Christmas (Includes Directions for Mingle Activity)

This is a set of 30 conversation cards. As an ESL teacher it is always challenging to get my students to speak more English in the classroom. This set of Christmas Conversation Fun Cards will help your students have some interesting and meaningful conversations with each other.

ESL Present Progressive Worksheets

Present progressive tense worksheets.This set of worksheets for ESL lessons can be used to practice, to review or to test affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences in present progressive.

Conversation Cards: Present Tense (Daily Routines)

Conversation Cards Present Tense/ Daily Routines: A fun, engaging mingle activity for ESL students.

Conversation Cards BUNDLE ESL: Life Skills

Conversation Cards BUNDLE: Life Skills These are great for getting ESL students to start speaking.