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Flares? I'm one of the few unlucky who don't have "flares" per say, I'm either in really bad pain or even worse pain. I don't remember what it felt like not to be this way. Maybe mine is just one big constant flare.. hmmmm

Fibromyalgia Throw Pillow

God is this not the truth?!?!!? When I wake up in the morning I hurt so bad, some mornings that's what wakes me up is the excruciating pain and I have to stay awake for an hour to limber things up before I can go back to bed!!

Seriously..Crohns and Colitis Awareness♥ my son has Crohns disease, anyone ever wanna chat Im Misa Blessed Lopez-Coleman on facebook

Chronic Pain Awareness--it's tempting but that temptation is usually caused by trying to please someone else & not take care of yourself.

.Esto es lo que me pasa la mayor parte del tiempo y casi nunca lo digo, Desearía no fuese así, pero conforme pasan los años se me hace mas difícil todo, lo peor de todo es que el Síndrome Ehlers Danlos es una enfermedad que a simple vista no se nota, por fuera no te ves enferma-

I suffer from it. Fibro is said to have a link to food allergies with a particular emphasis on wheat intolerance. I've found that diet change to whole foods, drinking water, avoiding alcohol and getting lots of sleep can significantly improve your quality of life.