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Ukrainian Dumplings aka Galushki

As most of you know that I am Ukrainian and my hubby is from Siberia. His grandparents are form Ukraine, so he is pretty familiar with Ukrainian foods. Galushki (dumplings) were one of those things that I had introduced him to. For me, they bring so much memories because I pretty much spent my whole childhood eating these. My grandma made them very often and I'm so happy I got to try them.

Mimosa Salad Recipe (Layered Tuna Salad)

Домашние творожные сырки. Ингредиенты: Из 1 пачки творога получается 4 больших сырка 200 гр творога 2 ст.л. сахарной пудры (без горки) 30 гр сливочного масла 80 гр шоколада 1 пакетик ванилина или ванильного сахара Начинка: карамель, джем, кокосовая стружка - на ваше усмотрение

Супер-быстрые пирожки

Shuba Russian Herring Layered Salad Recipe

Shuba - Russian layered herring Salad. A cold salad featuring the foundation of so much Eastern European cookery - root vegetables and herring. Beets, Carrots, Herring, Potatoes, Green Onion, with a thin mayonnaise binding the layers.

Сельдь на шубе в картофельных тарталетках