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Swedish company Träullit produce Dekor Tiles from an environmentally-friendly recyclable material, made from ‘wood-wool’, cement & water. This combination of natural components is simple & clever. Wood fibres make the tiles sound-absorbent & give the product a heat-insulating, heat-retaining quality. This contributes to lower energy costs, reducing environmental impact. Cement provides strength, moisture resistance & fire protection. http://www.traullit.se/product/produkter/traullit-dekor/

❧ solar performance diagrams (summer | winter... day | night) found with passive solar design basics article at http://newavenuehomes.com/estate/project/664/

RidgeBlade uses the existing roof area of a pitched roof to collect and focus the prevailing wind using the Aeolian wind focus effect

The Real Carbon Tax A poster serving to remind people of the continuing impact we all have by the simple act of plugging in. Renewable energy is something we can't procrastinate or ignore.

Flexible material can charge devices while you move

Will we soon be using CARPETS to power our phones? Fibre harnesses solar energy and footsteps to generate electricity

Magnolia Petroleum PLC thoughts are with those whose lives have been impacted by the Oklahoma storms - http://www.directorstalk.com/magnolia-petroleum-plc-thoughts-are-with-those-whose-lives-have-been-impacted-by-the-oklahoma-storms/

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