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Ice Cream in a Bag

This science experiment never gets old. Ice cream in a bag!! Just a couple ingredients, a little shaking, and dessert is served.

7 Manualidades con hojas de otoño para niños                              …

7 Manualidades con hojas de otoño para niños

Fly Swatter Painting

Fly swatter painting- what a blast! Preschoolers would love this process art activity!

Did you know you can marble paper with milk?

Make Your Own Lava Lamp

If you have an empty water bottle, water, vegetable oil and food coloring, you can make this fascinating kid's activity and teach about liquid density!

Paint with Ice

Frozen paint on a stick!!! Embrace the cold with chilly ice paint! Kids love to swirl the melting paint over paper, creating beautiful designs. They'll practice their color recognition and counting skills while observing paint go from a liquid state to a solid state, then back to liquid again. GREAT for students with special learning needs. Read more at: