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Teach your kiddos about eruptions by conducting this fun science experiment. Not only will they have fun watching it bubble up, but they will learn why it happens. This is a great learning activity for kids of all ages!

Lemon volcanoes, crystal rainbows, and color clouds -- these fun  and easy DIY science experiments will wow the whole family.

This Is SO COOL! (Pun Intended) These Easy Science Activities Give Your Kids Queen Elsa's Frozen Powers

Give your kids Disney Frozen powers! Channel Queen Elsa's powers with these easy Frozen crafts turned science experiments! A great science less and so much fun!

A Sensory Science Curriculum for Kids

If you’re creating a lesson plan for your classroom or homeschool, or simply looking for educational activities for your kids, this list of sensory science activities is packed full of fun, learning ideas.

Exploding Pop Rockets

Pop Rockets. Awesome science experiment for kids!! Build rockets that really fly. Such a simple science activity.

10 Awesome Candy Experiments for Kids

Awesome Candy Science Experiments for Kids | Perfect for Fall Science with kids! Can't wait to try some of these. Froom @lemonlimeadv