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Do you have a cat? I once had a feline friend called Frederik-Bo, who was so sociable, he'd even go to the cafe round the corner to eat muffins with the clientele. When he first arrived home as a kitt

Cat Litter Box Cover - Pet House - Hideaway - Scandinavian Style Pet Furniture - Modern Litter Box Cabinet - Gift for a Cat Lover

Black Velvet Juno A perfect addition to your beautiful home with pets! The pet house/ cat litter box cover is created to blend into your modern

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20 Furniture Ideas for Pet Lovers And Their Furry Friends

When we furnish our apartments or homes, it’s easy to forget our animal companions. Getting furniture just for your cat or dog might be a bit extreme, but most of these pieces of animal furniture are useful for both people and their pets. Some of these pieces of animal furniture serve dual purposes. The rocking …

Cat Cocoons Designed To Suit A Contemporary Interior /// Aude Sanchez, a Parisian woman with a background in marketing and communication, has partnered with Guillaume Gadenne, an industrial designer, to create a collection of cat beds under the name Meyou.

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