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François Geffroi Roux (1811-1882), "The Launching of a Warship". Signed and inscribed 'Frois Roux Marseille 1850' Watercolour This vessel is clearly one of the large two-deckers of 90 or 100 guns designed by committee in the early 1820s and laid down intermittently until 1848. Given the date of this work, it may depict the last of them to be launched.

"The Merchant Ship 'Poland' Burning at Sea in May 1840", 1860 (watercolour) by François Roux (1811-1882)

The French Battleship, "Gloire", 1880 by Francois Geoffroy Roux | Oil Painting Reproduction |

François-Geoffroi Roux (French 1811-1882), "Three-masted Merchantman Underway". Watercolour. Signed 'Fcois Roux à Marseilles' (lower right); and inscribed in lower order 'Convoi grand largue de trois-mats francs / Dessiné le 18 Julliet 1860 à 11 hrs'.

Attributed to François Geffroi Roux (1811-1882), "A galley of war at anchor". Signed 'F'çois Roux 1852' Watercolour

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Un vaisseau trois-ponts français, par François Geffroy Roux, 1811-1882

"Ship of the line and sailing craft", at The Mariners' Museum Francois Geoffroi Roux (Life time: 1811-1882)

Attributed to François Geoffroi Roux, (1811-1882) Study for an early wooden paddle steamer of circa 1830. Watercolour and pencil